Love Unleashed"Why Dogs Are" is the first in a book series aimed at raising awareness of the various roles animals play in our lives that enhance and improve our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. The series is published by Kendall Neff Publishing (

The mission of the Love Unleashed Project is to highlight the importance of animal interactions with adults and children, and possibly other animals, in situations where they provide positive aid and assistance to others – in a typically unselfish and unconditional manner. These service animals provide comfort, relief and help to qualified recipients, enabling them to exist more comfortably with, and possibly overcome, physical and/or emotional constraints. Scientists, health professionals and other caregivers recognize the value and benefits animals provide in various therapy situations. The Kendall Neff Publishing website ( examines the research, stories and anecdotes of service animals, and has links to organizations and additional information on this subject. For the first book in the Love Unleashed series, Why Dogs Are, Kendall Neff Publishing is donating 100% of net proceeds to support various charities that align with the project’s subject matter. Many of the charities receiving these proceeds exist solely through private donations and with little to no formal or governmental support. For the Love Unleashed Project, it is KNP’s goal to highlight and support the work these organizations provide, while expanding awareness and offering additional information to the readers (and fans) of the series.