My own experiences with the dogs I have been blessed to have are so compelling to me of a heavenly design that no amount of science will ever convince me otherwise. Studies, anecdotes, and eyewitness accounts abound as to the value of having a dog nearby. I watched for several years as our two pet therapy dogs (Golden Retrievers named Rambeau and her offspring Muttley) wandered the halls of both AIDB and a nearby nursing home, making a difference to children and seniors. Both dogs used insights and instincts to bring a totally different joy to the recipients of their affections and caring, literally based on the dog’s perception of the needs of the individual. Those stories are not unique to my dogs, and books have been written with evidences of canine abilities regarding therapies and usefulness.

As I leave the story to the inner guts of computer storage, I still didn’t know what to do with it. It remained quietly there as a series of binary codes for some three more years. Its real author and I were the only ones who knew about it, and He wasn’t talking to me much. Nor I to Him.

A few years down the road….

I finally got up the nerve to show the story to my husband.

Ken was an incredible intellect (a bona-fide member of Mensa) whom I met while finishing my dissertation at Georgia State University. He became a built-in editor for me, as his Bachelor’s degree was in Linguistics and he was used to reading and writing academic papers. He became my chief advisor in getting a 550-page dissertation out the graduation door. He never tired of reading what I thought was the most boring document ever written, and he actually loved seeking out holes in my hypotheses, assuring that my committee would not be the ones to find them first. He and I had formed an academic partnership and co-wrote and had published several journal articles prior to my dissertation efforts–those were much more interesting and worthwhile reading. By the time we collaborated on my research efforts, we had also formed an incredible personal partnership. He was the most incredible man I have ever met, and I recently lost him after 26 wonderful years of marriage. But just in time, he contributed in a very special way to this story, but that comes later in this saga.

Back to Ken’s reading of the story. He liked it. I was happy he liked it because he was my most important critic. But I still didn’t know what was supposed to happen to it. And, of course, that is the only question he asked me. He found no changes, no typos, and no run-on sentences. No dangling anythings. Just, “So, what are you going to do with it?” To Ken, it was totally understandable that Spirit wrote this. Ken had one of those quiet but special relationships with God that I didn’t have sense enough at the time to envy. He had started college with the intent of going to seminary. He had wanted to be a chaplain serving our boys in Vietnam. Life happened and that was not his calling after all. Working at many higher educational institutions and finally AIDB was to be where he was best used. And, being my dissertation editor, my best friend and my greatest love.

My answer came quickly, “I haven’t a clue. Don’t even know how or why I was given it. Any ideas?”

No, then I think it will stay in cyber-land a bit longer. And I hit the file close command.