Between 2005 and 2007, we returned home to the U.S. to live full time in late 2005, though Ken would continue to return for short consulting assignments for several more years. These times I spent alone allowed me to get involved in new and creative endeavors, giving birth to some new hobbies that focused on exploring my creativity. At some point during this time, I also decided to dust off the story and resubmit it. But first, I wasn’t going to take the chance that while it lay silently inside the computer, it might need a tune-up. If you hang in with me here, you will soon come to the first and most important miracle of the entire story.

I perused the internet for a free-lance editor. I found a very likeable one in Audrey Owen, a Canadian published author with a helpful website ( Our agreement was for a fixed price, and her obligation that she would read the story up to three times and make grammar and content suggestions. After round two, Audrey thought the story was where it should be and that she had no other changes to offer, though she did also suggest a change in title. I thanked her for her conscientious efforts and we ended our joint venture.

I sent the modified version of the story to eight more well-researched publishing houses in eight more neat little packets. I received eight more nice rejections. (At least, receiving nice rejections hurts one’s pride less, and at least they all responded.)

I didn’t have a clue what to do next, but was very close to quitting and doing nothing with the story. But God wasn’t finished with it, or me.